A Humane Solution to Your Pigeon Problem!

Battle Born Pigeon Control offers residential and commercial pigeon control solutions throughout the greater Las Vegas area. Our services include:

Excrement Removal

Battle Born Pigeon Control LLC

Pigeons are messy, unsightly, and carry diseases requiring clean-up and decontamination of affected areas to keep surroundings clean and professionally presentable to the public.

Decontamination/Clean up

Battle Born Pigeon Control LLC

The proper maintenance of an area requires that pheromones be thoroughly eliminated so that pigeons do not return. Pigeons are highly attracted to their own pheromones, necessitating a thorough clean-up of affected areas.

Barrier Placement

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Installation of a barrier is an effective way to deter pigeon nesting and it is just one of the many solutions we offer, either by itself or in combination with excrement removal or decontamination services.

Monthly Maintenance

Battle Born Pigeon Control LLC

Monthly pigeon control maintenance services can be negotiated and tailored to the size of your property and the scope of services desired.